MyEnviro is the secure, central and certified source of truth that Kiwi producers and regulators need to make collective environmental progress.


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Why MyEnviro

ONE Integrated Farm Plan

MyEnviro Digital Environmental Footprint means having your data live, up to date, and in your hands

  • Consenting
  • Freshwater Farm Plan
  • Integrated Farm Planning
  • Intensive Winter Grazing
  • Farm Assurance Programmes
  • Farm Environmental Plan

It is very reassuring to know that MyEnviro plans will enable farmers to meet all their regulatory requirements with one plan .....very exciting.

Kate, Hawkes Bay Farmer, 2023

Digital Environmental Footprint

Over time, the regulations and requirements imposed on farmers have undergone a significant transformation, shifting from traditional analogue plans consisting of large printed documents to streamlined digital plans that offer increased efficiency, detail, and adaptability.

By utilising digital solutions like MyEnviro, farmers can now create living documents that evolve with on-farm changes, ensuring that their environmental plans remain accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of the current practices and conditions.

Key MyEnviro Outcomes


  • Supply Chain
  • Global Focus
  • Access to Market
  • Increase Revenue

Beyond Compliance

  • Revenue
  • Premium
  • Traceability
  • Trade


  • NZ Based
  • Regulation
  • Live Digital Data

Unlocking your agricultural potential with

  • Consolidating your documents for efficient auditing
  • Providing environmental risk assessment and action plan
  • Water testing and visual soil assessment support
  • Biosecurity, biodiversity and adverse weather plan generation
  • Development of an integrated farm plan
  • On-going support, keeping your plan live and up to date

MyEnviro is now an Associate Member of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programmes, Accelerating your NZFAP Plus requirements.

How MyEnviro Works

Farm gate connectivity icon


MyEnviro links the many moving parts of NZ agriculture into a secure, central, certified source of truth.

It’s a single platform to measure environmental impact – fertiliser application data, pasture growth, water quality, N leaching and more – all in one place. 

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MyEnviro supports producers and regulators to move to online FEPs – designed for automated data, collective accountability, AI powered analytics and more informed decision-making.

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Digital Farm
Environment Plans

MyEnviro supports producers and regulators to move to online FEPs – designed for automated data, collective accountability, AI powered analytics and more informed decision-making.

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In the long-term, our real-time data eco-system will work in tandem with cognitive AI technology to provide farmers with actionable analytics – turning data into recommended actions and predicted outcomes.

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MyEnviro uses satellite enabled systems to map farms – the first of many data layers that help producers and regulators understand changes in their environment.

We measure environmental impact through a sensor eco-system.

We integrate data that our sensor partners gather from hardware installed on-farm – aggregating a range of monitored metrics (like water quality and pasture growth) for a more complete picture of local environmental changes.

Our Approach and Focus




Starting your journey begins with assessing your current position, including what you currently have versus what you need.

Data interoperability and farm planning are key tools for providing essential trusted data you need to validate your position.

Sharing your story and linking the consumer to you, the producer, through the regulator community.

Advisory Services

In addition to the MyEnviro platform (available to all producers, regulators and consultants), MyEnviro offers a range of technical advisory services – enabling practical, on-farm action driven by your environmental data.

MyEnviro advisory services merges the power of the MyEnviro platform with the expertise of the MyEnviro team, based in the Hawke’s Bay. In addition to supporting the development of the MyEnviro platform, the team of certified Technicians and Consultants provide:

  • Facilitation (e.g. catchments and bespoke groups).
  • Asset management services (e.g. Farm Environment Planning, Consenting support, Freshwater Farm Plan, Farm Mapping, NZFAP Plus Support).
  • Through industry relations, MyEnviro can help connect you to key services such as soil testing, fertiliser recommendations, nutrient budgeting and more.
  • SHMAK Testing
  • Visual Soil Assesment
The MyEnviro Advisory Services Team and Capabilities.
Brent Paterson portrait

Brent Paterson

Managing Director

I’ve been in the Agricultural sector all my life and farm a 600 hectare property in Patoka, Hawke’s Bay. My wife Jackie and I have two daughters who dominate our weekends. In 2005 I started Rural Directions – a professional recruitment and HR services business for New Zealand’s food and fibre sector and an environmental advisory services business. MyEnviro advisory services now combines the original advisory services business with the MyEnviro platform – run on the same values that we manage our farm and our family with, we care about people and the land. 

To get out in front of environmental scrutiny, just prove you aren’t part of the problem. MyEnviro gives Kiwi farmers the confidence to grow sustainably, and prove it to the world."

Gretchen Parkes

People and

BA Psychology (Massey University)

MyEnviro Values

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A baseline understanding of our environment. A single source of truth.

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We empower people with the truth to solve problems and measure progress.

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Measure. Act.

From truth, we build partnerships and take positive action

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